Surfing is an amazing sport. The scenic beauty of the ocean creates the charm of surfing even more beautiful. The epic wave of the ocean makes the surfing an even more interesting sport than it already is. I am a university student, and a sportswoman. I have experienced it all: the rage of studying, the pressures of the time schedule, the process of examination, and the final relaxation of giving the examination and getting my CGPA out. Out of stress, workload and intense studying sessions, my breaks and holidays are marked by taking vacations by the seaside. I am a thalassophile, a nature enthusiast and an active holiday maker. Surfing is my sport of choice that is the main focus of my vacations. My professor has asked me to write my essay  on my vacation experience, especially surfing.

It takes a lot of practice in being a pro surfer. My first time surfing experience began in the first years of my summer breaks in the beginning of my university and later years. I was very excited when I and my friends mapped out a trip to the Folly Beach. It is a city in South Carolina, on Folly Island. It is a beautiful location that has amazing 3 feet to 15 feet waves catching up with the surfers. Many people come here to learn and get a hint of how to surf. The most important part of surfing is that every day is a learning process because ocean waves are quite unpredictable. Every surfer has to learn how to move accordingly, on the waves. I bought a designed, light weighted and edgy surfboard and found a surfing instructor to guide us about surfing. I and my friends took surfing lessons and began to surf. I am not very pro in surfing but I am good. The highest wave I surfed was about 7 feet high. We all enjoyed marsh kayaking, rented a tree house, went to Folly Beach fishing pier to get fishes and did the paddle boarding. But the activity I enjoyed the most is surfing and being with ocean waves.

Surfing comes as being a sport that is very active in nature. It has multiple benefits, which I learned from practicing every year. It tones the lower body and torso. It increases the cardio-muscular fitness and increases the circulation of blood in torso. I am not much of a fitness freak but I believe that surfing is an exercise that allows the whole body to be engaged in a strengthening manner. It is also unique because ocean riding is different. In my surfing lessons, I realized that every day I am experiencing new kinds of the ocean waves and weather.  Surfing is all about balancing on the waves, predicting the waves and boarding on it accordingly. Presently, I am waiting for the next vacation. The winter is already over and summer splash will come after the spring events. I and my friends have decided to visit New Smyrna Beach, Florida. It has amazing waves and great scenic beauty. We have our surfer boards ready, our bikinis ready, our surfing dress ready, cameras ready and all camping/fishing gear ready. In addition, there is a hiking trail near the beach area. We have decided to explore the hiking trail. There is an orchestra and natural history museum theatre nearby, which will also serve to be better option for exploration. I am so excited for the coming summer vacation, as it is the last vacation I will have in my university years. By winter, I’ll graduate. I hope it is my best vacation ever!!!