Effect of Technological Invasion on Student Life


There is a significant influence of technological advancement in this modern era on the life of generally every person. Especially the young generation is caught up in the web of advanced techniques and gadgets. Specifically, among this lot, the particular group who has had the most intense yet beneficial impact, are students. This generation is always reliant on the technology either in one way or another, be it socializing, planning, communicating or banking. The usage of technology as indicated by many types of research have gone to extremes in this recent decade, such that it got a boost through the internet and other commodities of techno-nature.



Identification of Technology

As Albert Einstein once said that, "It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity." By this, he enlightened this world long ago that technology will be invading the lives of people in various ways. As many people consider technology to be anything which has powers exceeding the human range but have you ever thought what is technology? It is the perfect way to apply scientific knowledge and to bring out the practical workings according to the proposed information. Besides, the machinery and instruments through which this is possible are technological gadgets like computer, smartphones, tablets and other devices used for this purpose. Out of these gadgets, smartphones and computers or laptops are very profoundly used by almost every person in this era.

Invasive Role

The role and impact of technology in the life of students are almost inevitable. There is no way other than to embrace the goods which technology is bringing to the table, and the foremost of this is the progressing incorporation of internet usage in the education system. This evolution of techno-facilities has increased its usage among the students as they are likely beneficiaries. As very famously April Chamberlain said,

“Education is evolving due to the impact of the Internet. We cannot teach our students in the same manner in which we were taught. Change is necessary to engage students not in the curriculum we are responsible for teaching, but in school. Period.”

Students Usage

Whether it is the regular classroom activity or some research work, the internet is used in one way or the other by the students, as well as their professors so that they could acquire and assimilate the information for guidance in the studies. For instance, if being a student a person search for things like ‘how to do my assignment' ‘how not to procrastinate' and sometimes also that ‘please write my essay for me.' This will help them gain the assistance directly from online resources.

Back in the days, teachers and textbooks were the only sources for students to gain information and knowledge from, but the advancement of technology made the student in an active instead of the passive role to acquire information even outside the classroom. The choices are provided to the students for grasping every possible information needed in the ways which were not specified before. The students are motivated in executing the gained information due to its accuracy and authenticity. Thus, the usage of technology allows many students to make choices efficiently and then obtain information also the skills for knowledge execution. Furthermore, when it is used as an instrument for supporting the students in carrying out the authentic task, this positions the students for defining their set aims, decision making, and self-progress evaluation.

Effect in Students

Boost motivation and self-esteem

The excellent and common fact which is related to the technological-based accomplishment is that it lays an immense impact on the motivation and self-esteem of the student. Even if they generally lack at home or in classroom activities, still they manage to devise the accomplishment by seeking help and support from the facilities based on the internet. They get a sense of power when they search for things on their own and gain a respectable amount of authentic information. Thus this gives a boost to the self-esteem of a student in various ways. The increased level of competencies and accomplishments provide an upsurge for their self-esteem. Impact on self-worth can be determined by the fact that there are many inventions done by the student sector of this society based on the technological sage, and also many pieces of research and even the professors have reported that they learn it solely form internet and are never taught about it in classroom lessons.



Enhances technical skills

They can gain a specific amount of knowledge, based explicitly on computer software. There are examples of many young children who are forming and developing software and web pages. They are so skilled and updated by the use of technology at an early age that it is almost handy and easy for them to innovate such technological things just by using the internet, the ideas are generated. Students are now more self-reliant in gaining necessary information than they were long ago relying on the teachers for its usage.

Confident collaboration in the classroom

The students who are more learned than their fellow students teach them the skills which they have to acquire through using the internet. This induces the feeling of given support to their mates. Therefore this is a good outcome of technological invasion. The students share their gained skill or knowledge in the classroom which makes the students and sometimes also the teachers to learn something new from each other.

The growth and expansion in technology are therefore devising new ways with the coming time for making life more comfortable, especially of the young lot which is facing the difficulties and complexities of the modern era. This advancement is non-ending, and there will be no stop to it. So each proceeding era will bring new technologies with it, along with the subsequent repercussions.


This article is comprised of the definition and impact of technology and how it invaded the lives of people, more specifically students. The use of technology, which contains the first internet practice is also explored. Furthermore, its impact on students and their well-being is mentioned, and also how they use the internet to their advantage and gain useful and skilled information. The psychological and social factors which are influenced by technological-based accomplishments have also been discussed in this article.