The quality assurance department is one of the most crucial and pivotal departments of any company. This field of work requires a high level of concentration and focus as the quality assurance manager assures that the product which is being delivered to the clients is free from all defects. This department plays a key role in establishing the goodwill of a company. Specifically, in writing service companies, this department holds significant importance. The client's part is till the process of placing an order, for instance, the client mentioned to write my essay, on any topic of three pages. After that, it's the task of a quality assurance manager to make sure that the client's expectations are met for sure in work. Below are the four basic tasks that are the key task of any quality assurance manager in a writing service company.





The most core function of a quality assurance manager is to stay ahead in keeping the guidelines, rules, and regulations mandatory for every Q/A executive and writer to follow.




As being the manager of the quality assurance department, an individual is responsible for heading and supervising a team of executives working under his leadership. Managers are responsible for providing the prescribed quality standards as a guide for daily work.




The quality of work is directly linked with how efficiently and professionally the employees are trained. It is the core responsibility of the manager to train the people working in his team as executives. In the end, if negative feedback affects the reputation of the company than his team and the manager himself will be held responsible.




The foremost responsibility of the manager and his team is to proofread all the documents and papers before sending it to the client. The evaluation not only helps in preventing loss and negative feedbacks but it also helps in evaluating the writing standards of the writers and the knowledge of Q/A executives.