5 Tips to Develop Effective Business Writing Skills

Effective communication is an essential part of our lives. All kinds of businesses need skilled writers who can perform all the communication-related tasks regarding the flow of information. This information is delivered in the form of memos, reports, applications, advertisements, contracts, proposals and manuals. Words written in such documents reflect the competency of a company. These forms of communications are essential for growth of the business; if not done right, even slightest mistake can destroy the repute of company.


In this article, you will read five tips that you can incorporate into your writing and improve it for better.


  • Know your purpose


This is the most important step to your writing. Ask yourself what kind of message that you want to deliver to your audience. What are the results that you seek from this communication? This will clarify the purpose for you. Note all the important points regarding the purpose that you want to deliver.


  • Know your audience


Knowing your audience is the key to know what to write, to who and how. This information will define the “addressing” part of communication. It is essential to know who you are communicating to; your junior, senior, co-worker, manager, CEO, some client or business partner. Knowing the gender, position and area of the audience is essential. One can’t use the same method of addressing for all types of audiences.


  • Maintain your tone


Maintaining right tone is the trickiest part of business writing. Tone defines your attitude towards the target audience. If the tone goes slightly wrong, other person can misinterpret it and this can result in horrible consequences. Beware of expressions and phrases that could be misunderstood. Always verify the information that you are writing. Friendly tone should be maintained in business writing and don’t mix friendliness with unprofessionalism.

  1. Apply principals of clarity

Clarity is component that will help you define the purpose in communication.  Make sure that it is direct, concise and purpose-specific terminologies are used in the writing. While writing, keep your audience in your mind. Don’t use jargons, always use easy to understand direct expressions. Jargons refer to language terms that are dedicated to the particular business or trade. Using them at the wrong place at the wrong time can add the tone of stiffness, so simply avoid them.

Complex terminologies confuse reader’s mind and take a lot of time. So be precise while specifying purpose as no one has time to waste.  Avoid the use of excessive infinitives, just to add style and impression in writing as using them makes communication informal.



  • Proof read


Make sure that you read again after drafting the document. This will help you to find mistakes in the writing. Look for simple errors like articles, punctuations, spelling, grammatical mistakes and yes, ambiguities. The message should never mean more than one thing, careless use of pronouns, adjectives and punctuations add ambiguity in the message.  Format your message correctly and align it properly as these two elements will give a professional touch to your business writing.

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