The Art of Writing a Captivating Essay Introduction

        Can the introduction of an essay, make it or break it? Yes, the essay relies on its introduction. The first thing that a reader goes through, is the introduction of the essay. The body and conclusion of the essay will be neglected completely no matter how well written, if the introduction is not captivating. When it comes to an essay, the book is judged by its cover. The more enticing the start of an essay, there are better chances for it to support the body and conclusion. Below are a few tips that will help make your essay introduction interesting.

1)   Use Quotes

Quotes are always appreciated, but be careful that the quotes used are in relevance of the Essay topic. A good quote in the essay introduction, will immediately catch the attention of the reader.

2)   Try to Start With a Question

A strong question in the start of the essay can be thought provoking. It will instantly clutch the thoughtfulness of the reader, and will also encourage the reader to get involved in the essay through the question.

3)   Make a Statement

Starting the essay with a bold statement can also help capture the reader’s eye. This will also give the rest of your essay a foundation to debate on. Take it as a building block for the body and conclusion of the essay.

4)   Talk Directly to the Reader

When structuring your essay, make sure that terms like “You” are used. This will directly challenge the reader. Also a good way to lure in as many readers as possible. If a question is asked with the word “you” in it, nothing better than it.

5)   Ask for Help Online

If the above tips are still not helping enough, approach an online site. All you have to do is click on an educational websites link, and type “Help me write my essay.” The scholars on the other side of the screen will assist you in every way possible, to make your essay introduction a good one.