How to Write a Research Paper?


Research paper writing is the most important task especially when you are in university. To write a perfect paper, you must have all the required skills and information about the topic that you are working on. Research paper writing is different from write my essay for me tasks because in this case you have to be very specific and brief. 


Choosing a Topic

Whether you are are writing an annotated bibliography, thesis, an article or working on argumentative essay topics the first step is choosing such a topic that can arouse your interest and also positively challenge you. Normally how much effort you put in a paper depends on how much you are interested in the topic, so choose it wisely.


Writing Your Paper

Now that you have enough information on the paper start writing it.


Title Page:

This includes the paper title, writer’s full name and submission date.



This is basically a summary of your entire paper. Write it only, when you are done writing the paper. Word your sentences in such a way that they will serve more than one purpose. The abstract should include the purpose of the study, a brief description, results and also the conclusion. Add keywords at the end of the abstract



The main purpose of writing an introduction is to provide the objective of your study and also to support your findings. In this part your objective is to use the introduction to put your study in a hypothetical situation so that the reader will understand the objective of your paper. Try to be specific and brief. Don’t forget to mention the importance of your study and what motivated you to do it. Organize your ideas in the form of paragraphs. Two pages should be enough for this part.



Rephrase your thesis and summarize your discussion also explain why you reach this conclusion.    

Although research writing is a very laborious and exhausting task if you do it wisely and plan your work, then there is no doubt that you will enjoy the task.