Write A Speech In FIVE Simple Steps



If you’re on the internet looking for help with writing a speech.


Then you must be in high school and probably got assigned a speech for your English class.

Well, writing a speech can be a hard nut to crack, especially when you don’t possess the writing skills, right?


That’s not true!


You don’t have to be good with words to come up with an interesting speech.

Before we start and learn the process of effective speech writing; it is important to understand the different types of speeches.


  • Informative speech


Informative speeches are made to educate the audience about an unfamiliar or new subject. It does not require visual aid, but the information is presented in the form of facts and figures.


An example of an informative speech is a college tour guide showing the way around college to prospective students and presenting them with facts and figures regarding the campus.

  • Demonstrative Speech


Demonstrative speech is similar to an informative speech; it also educates the audience about something. The only difference is that a demonstrative speech uses visual aid to demonstrate something.  

  • Persuasive Speech

 Persuasive speech is related to convincing of the audience about an aspect related to any topic which you choose to speak about. Persuasive speech papers can help you out in writing an effective speech.

  • Narrow down your topic


Be specific when it comes to choosing your topic and narrow it down to a single thing. A good speech talks about a particular topic as it is manageable and understandable for the audience as well.


It allows you to have focus and not go off-track from your topic.


  • Pick a hook sentence


The hook is the opening line of your speech; it is the first thing that your audience will hear so make sure that it is good enough to grab the reader's attention.


This acts as the deciding factor for the audience whether or not they will continue to read further. The hook sentence can be funny, frightening, unusual or shocking depending on the nature of your subject and topic.


  • Make it more engaging


To make your speech more encouraging for the audience make sure of the following:


Avoid long and complex sentences.

Opt for nouns rather than pronouns

Repeat keywords a few times

Go easy on the numbers and figures

Use visual aids

Practice and look for improvement

This was all you need to know for writing an effective speech. However, delivering the speech holds equal importance.


The best way to practice is reading your speech aloud and in front of family or friends.


Let us know how your speech went, was it a success?