Writing A Book


Writer's block!


Have you ever gotten stuck writing a book? You can’t come up with new ideas and you keep losing the motivation to write at all?


Well, you’re not the only one we all have heard the statistics that 81% people want to become writers, but only 1% of them actually do. And about 3% of the aspiring writers finish writing their first book and 20% of them get it published.


You wouldn’t want to be one of those who only dream about becoming successful writers but never finish a book, would you?


Imagine having written a book and being able to tell people that “I am the author of this book,” people will have more respect for you and you will be taken more seriously in your field.


If you want to experience the sense of fulfillment and pride that comes with writing a book, then you are at the right place.


In this article, we will show you how to really write a book.


Most people assume that writing happens in one go, but the truth is that you start by writing a word, a sentence and then a paragraph. It’s a complete process where each step happens over time in bits and pieces and if you’re lucky, you get a chapter written.


If you want people to think your book is actually worth buying, you need to completely understand and acknowledge your target audience.  

Ask yourself, who is going to buy this book, and why? What makes your book special than the rest of the authors? Why an individual will choose your book from the piles of other books?


Always remember! Emotions in your content are an essential key to hook your readers to buy your book.


emember! Writing is a kind of work which requires a peaceful mind; you cannot give your best in writing if you start writing it in disturb environment with a disturbed and stressed mind.

Make sure you are relaxed and try to find the most peaceful place that is available for you.

This invokes creativity beyond imagination, and you’ll witness it yourself.


Writing a book sure is a lengthy process, but it is not even close to “boring.” It becomes an addiction for a writer to write a book one after the other.