Writing High Quality Research Papers



Research paper the two words that have the power to cause instant panic and anxiety in students.


They are long and tiring, requiring a whole lot of research.


Research paper topics are used by professors as a measure to test a student’s level of understanding and knowledge.


Students often fail to realize the several ways writing a research paper can help them:

  •         It improves your research skills
  •         Critical thinking skills
  •         Improves your domain knowledge
  •         Psychological benefits that come with writing

What is the type of your research paper?

For example, if you are writing your psychology research paper, decide the type of research paper.

There are basic 2 types of research papers.

  1. Empirical paper
  2. Literature Review approach

An empirical paper requires a lot of study and research. If you go for an empirical approach for your research paper, you have to add every experiment, related facts to your topic or any research done on your psychology research paper.

Literature review approach involves a detailed study, research and analysis of previously written papers or experiments performed related to your topic.

To write your research paper using literature review approach, you can summarize the empirical work done by someone else and analyze it according to your topic.


A typical research paper includes the following elements:

  •         Title page
  •         Abstract
  •         Introduction
  •         Research methodology
  •         Results/findings
  •         Discussion
  •         conclusion

Most professors give their students the liberty of choosing their desired topic and conduct research on it. If you are lucky, you will be able to decide what topic to write a research paper on – in that case, look for a topic that you are most interested in; this will make the writing process easier for you making it less boring.