How To Get Your Dog Certified As An Emotional Support Dog?



Your emotional support dog is so much more than merely a pet. The individuals who suffer from any mental illness have experienced that their four-legged friend and the love it provides can really help them deal with the struggles in their life.


How To Get Your Dog Certified As An Emotional Support Dog?


Do you already have a dog as a pet you want to certify it as your emotional support dog?


The only way to certify your dog as an emotional dog is through an ESA letter provided by a licensed mental health professional. You can also get dog certifications online by contacting a health professional online through a website.


To have a legitimate emotional support dog, you must have an emotional support dog letter from our licensed mental health professional. There is no registration required by the law for the ESA dogs.


Steps To Certify Your Dog As An ESA


Follow these steps to live a happy and stress-free life with your dog.


  • Recognize your disease and the need to get an emotional support dog.
  • Contact a mental health professional.
  • Demonstrate your need and how an emotional support dog will help you.
  • Get your ESA letter from your therapist.


That’s all! You don’t require any registration to live with your companion animal.


An ESA letter is a prescription that makes you eligible to get an ESA for yourself. Just like not everyone can have an ESA dog, similarly, not every medical doctor can provide you with an ESA letter. You must read out an online free emotional support animal letter to have an idea about what kind of ESA letter youu require.


Only mental health professionals are qualified to provide a legitimate ESA letter and qualify you for an emotional support dog.

To get a valid ESA letter, you need to arrange an appointment with a mental health professional. There are thousands of mental health professionals in the United States. Anyone of them can provide you with a legitimate ESA letter.


Arrange an appointment with your therapist. He will then access your condition if you suffer from the mental diseases mentioned above. If you do, he will write an ESA letter for you so that you can get your animal.