Straightforward Hacks To Add Harvard Citations To Your Academic Writing | 2021 Guide

Counterfeiting is without a doubt a genuine offense and it is both morally and ethically off-base. Many essay writer have zero-tolerance arrangements in regards to counterfeiting. Therefore, they even remove understudies in the event that they present their essay or even an exploration paper with counterfeiting either deliberately or inadvertently. However, fortunately you can keep away from counterfeiting. Indeed, you heard me right.


The most ideal approach to dodge copyright infringement is to refer to the sources in your essay. This way you will give appropriate acknowledgment to the writers of the sources you have utilized in your essay. Sounds cool right. In any case, not in a rush since there is one trick. All things considered, the catch is that references come in various formats. It tends to be APA, MLA or Harvard, and so on

In the event that you are alloted an errand to write an essay and use Harvard style references, at that point you have landed at the opportune spot. This guide will help you out in giving a couple of tips that will help you out in formatting your write my essay.

Want to find out about what Harvard reference is? On the off chance that indeed, without standing by additional how about we begin.


In-text references

At the point when you are utilizing the thought or substance from the sources then you are needed to offer acknowledge to their creators too. You can do this by essentially placing in-text references. In Harvard style, you need to utilize the surname of the creator and then put a comma and in conclusion put the year when the source was distributed. Spot this information in round sections and presto! You have effectively refered to the source in Harvard style.

Tip: If your educator expects you to add page numbers after the distribution year you use Pg. and mention the quantity of the page from where you have taken the information.



In Harvard style too you are needed to make a legitimate page of references toward the finish of your essay or exploration paper where you list the source.

While you are putting references ensure that it starts with the surname of the creator at that point initials, distribution date, release, spot of conveyance alongside the name of the distributer.


Extra tips

In Harvard style formatting you need to put a one-inch edge on every one of the sides of the page.

You are needed to utilize Times New Roman in the text dimension 12

All the content should be doubled divided.

All the content should be adjusted to one side.

The main line of each new section should be indented considerably an inch.

On top of your paper in the header place your surname and then the page numbers

The title should be focus adjusted.

In Harvard, the primary level headings look precisely like the title of the paper since they are additionally focus adjusted and promoted yet aren't striking and italics.

The second-level heading is additionally promoted however dissimilar to the principal level heading, they are flush left and are stressed also.

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Assuming you are in a predicament, you can request that the service give you a couple of tests so you can check their work's quality and formatting style. On the off chance that you are fulfilled, put in your request and bid farewell to every one of your concerns.


How to Choose a Good Topic for Your Compare and Contrast Essay?

Compare and contrast essays are written to draw differences and similarities between the two subjects, events, ideas, or just phenomenons. A good compare and contrast essay not just focuses on the differences and similarities of a subject, but also carries an argument that analyzes deeply the subject chosen. 


Generally, the topic of a college essay is given by the instructors but if not then congratulations you are free as a bird and can choose anything that interests you. But, choosing a topic requires time and effort. 


Have you ever read something that had a very monotonous and dry topic? No. Nobody does. The topic grabs the attention of your audience. The trick is to choose topics that interest everyone in general. 



While selecting a topic to ask yourself a few questions:

  1. Are you excited about the topic you chose?
  2. Do you think the selected subject or event is interesting enough?
  3. What do you know about the subject and event?
  4. Is the information easily available?
  5. Does it inspire you?


Once you have answers to all your questions, start your research. Keep in mind that the research you are doing is to find the maximum shreds of evidence to support your topic.  


We have shared some interesting and catchy custom college essay topics that are general and liked by everyone:


  1. Movies VS Books
  2. Android VS iPhone 
  3. Public VS Private (Schools, colleges, or universities)
  4. Korean and American Concept of Beauty
  5. Seasons VS Movies 
  6. Coke VS Pepsi
  7. Effects of Coffee and Tea
  8. Urban VS Rural Areas
  9. How Feeling Sad is Different From Feeling Lonely
  10. Childhood VS Adulthood
  11. Traditional Commerce VS Online
  12. Real-Life Relationships VS online Dating
  13.  Comedy VS Drama
  14. Roman Mythology VS Greek
  15.  Oven VS Microwave 
  16. Football VS Soccer
  17.  Obesity or Anorexia Nervosa - Which is more dangerous?
  18.  Tsunami or Earthquake - Whose Consequences are the Worst? 
  19.  Life and Death - Philosophical Views
  20.  Mental and Physical Needs of a Human Being. 


If you are worried about writing custom college essays, any type, always choose to take expert’s help and guide. Make you compare and contrast essay and all other essays winning. 


Who Qualifies For An Emotional Support Animal?

An ESA letter is a prescription that makes you eligible to get an ESA for yourself. Just like not everyone can have an ESA dog, similarly, not every medical doctor can provide you with an ESA letter.


Only mental health professionals are qualified to provide a legitimate ESA letter and qualify you for an emotional support dog. You can also ask him for a sample esa letter.



To get a valid ESA letter, you need to arrange an appointment with a mental health professional. There are thousands of mental health professionals in the United States. Anyone of them can provide you with a legitimate ESA letter.


Arrange an appointment with your therapist. He will then access your condition if you suffer from the mental diseases mentioned above. If you do, he will write an ESA letter for you so that you can get your animal.

Nearly every 1 in 5 people suffer from an emotional disability in the United States.

Are you one of those? If that is the case, you can get an emotional support animal for yourself.


Every person can keep a pet, but not everyone can have an emotional support animal. Only a person with a mental disability is eligible to keep an emotional support animal.



To qualify for an emotional support animal (ESA), you need to prove that you suffer from a mental illness. Only a licensed therapist can provide you with a prescription letter to get an emotional support


The main purpose of emotional support animals is to provide comfort and mental relief to the people who are depressed or going through stress. The federal laws are also made for those people so that their furry friend can boost their energy and lift their spirits.


If you suffer from anxiety or depression, you can qualify for an emotional support animal. Here is a list of mental diseases; a person suffering from any of them can have an ESA. You must read out an online emotional support animal letter sample in order to have a compatible one issued according to your disorder mentioned in list below.


  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Panic Attacks
  • Fear and Phobias
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Attention Deficit Disorder
  • Separation anxiety
  • Attention Deficit Disorder
  • Postpartum Depression
  • Social Anxiety Disorder
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • Any other Psychiatric condition


Only a person suffering from any of the above conditions can qualify for an ESA letter.

How To Get Your Dog Certified As An Emotional Support Dog?



Your emotional support dog is so much more than merely a pet. The individuals who suffer from any mental illness have experienced that their four-legged friend and the love it provides can really help them deal with the struggles in their life.


How To Get Your Dog Certified As An Emotional Support Dog?


Do you already have a dog as a pet you want to certify it as your emotional support dog?


The only way to certify your dog as an emotional dog is through an ESA letter provided by a licensed mental health professional. You can also get dog certifications online by contacting a health professional online through a website.


To have a legitimate emotional support dog, you must have an emotional support dog letter from our licensed mental health professional. There is no registration required by the law for the ESA dogs.


Steps To Certify Your Dog As An ESA


Follow these steps to live a happy and stress-free life with your dog.


  • Recognize your disease and the need to get an emotional support dog.
  • Contact a mental health professional.
  • Demonstrate your need and how an emotional support dog will help you.
  • Get your ESA letter from your therapist.


That’s all! You don’t require any registration to live with your companion animal.


An ESA letter is a prescription that makes you eligible to get an ESA for yourself. Just like not everyone can have an ESA dog, similarly, not every medical doctor can provide you with an ESA letter. You must read out an online free emotional support animal letter to have an idea about what kind of ESA letter youu require.


Only mental health professionals are qualified to provide a legitimate ESA letter and qualify you for an emotional support dog.

To get a valid ESA letter, you need to arrange an appointment with a mental health professional. There are thousands of mental health professionals in the United States. Anyone of them can provide you with a legitimate ESA letter.


Arrange an appointment with your therapist. He will then access your condition if you suffer from the mental diseases mentioned above. If you do, he will write an ESA letter for you so that you can get your animal.

How To Give Your Emotional Support Animal a Day Off?

Emotional support animals are assistance animals assigned to people suffering from various emotional and mental disorders. They provide their owner with a sense of love, comfort, and companionship.




I suffered from post-traumatic-stress-disorder and my therapist recommended that I keep an ESA. I chose to get a golden retriever pup as my emotional support dog.



Most people often have confusion about ESA. If you need information on them, read the facts I have mentioned below.



  1. You need a legal document


A Legal document referred to as an emotional support animal letter is necessary to qualify for an emotional support animal. This letter can be obtained from a licensed mental health professional.



You can’t just decide to get an ESA. Instead, you need to be examined by a psychiatrist who will then recommend whether or not you qualify for an ESA.



This was made necessary, so animal lovers don’t exploit the rights that come with an ESA.



You must carry your letter with you when your ESA is accompanying you to avoid any trouble. I got mine online from; they made the entire process easy and hassle-free.



  1. You can choose from a wide variety of animals

 ESA owner’s aren’t restricted to just dogs or cats – there are several different animals you can choose from as long as they are not wild and don’t pose a threat to you and the people surrounding you. In order to choose the correct type of ESA for yoursefl you must read our an online esa letter sample to get one issued.



However, when adopting a dog to be your ESA make sure that it isn’t of an aggressive breed.



  1. They require proper care from you 

An ESA is there to help provide support and comfort to its owner, but they require something in return too – your care.



It is an owner’s responsibility to take care of their ESA by taking them to the vet regularly, grooming and bathing them properly and reciprocating the love and affection received.



These are some general facts that you must be aware of before getting an ESA.



However, if you already have a four-legged friend in your life remember that they do a lot for you and you should appreciate that.



The best way is to take them for a quick trip to the pet store – they deserve it. There are several supermarkets that allow pets.


You can also pamper them by booking a spa session, where professionals will take care of your dog’s style and grooming.  


I treat my pup with a spa and shopping session every other weekend, and the look on his face is priceless.



What other fun activities do you like to do with your ESA?


Understanding your dog's dental health

Dog’s require a trip to the dentist just like us humans. They need proper oral health care and routine checkups. There are several dental procedures and oral surgeries performed to fix their canine teeth.




Here’s why it’s important to keep your dog’s teeth and gums in good condition:


Oral health is directly related to their lifespan


You probably already know the significance of a healthy diet and regular exercise for your pet or emotional support animal. But paying attention to your dog’s dental hygiene is essential too.


If you want your dog to live a long and complete life, which you obviously do – take good care of their teeth.


Due to poor dental health, bacteria gets formed in your pet/ESA's mouth which can then spread throughout their body causing damage to other essential organs including their heart.


This can affect your pets lifespan, shortening the time they get to spend with you.


A dog with a poor dental health is at a risk of getting several medical conditions and getting severely unwell.

Regularly visit a clinic to have monthly checkups of your ESA and make sure that you take esa letter along with you for medical documentation procedues.


Your dog can get the following diseases due to poor oral health care:


  1. Gum Disease


A build-up of plaque or tartar around the canine teeth can cause gum diseases.


Gum diseases are immensely painful and can cause your dog to face difficulty while eating; it can also result in tooth loss and other serious issues.


To look out for such gum and periodontal diseases make sure that there are no signs of bleeding, swelling and redness around the gums.


  1. Heart Disease

Gum diseases can cause serious issues to your heart, and same is the case for your dog.

Bacteria formed in the mouth enters into their bloodstream; this bacteria is carried throughout the body and can damage their heart valves causing fatal heart diseases.


  1. Endocarditis


Endocarditis is an infection that causes inflammation of the soft tissue, valves and lining around the heart. This too spreads from the bacteria in a dog’s mouth to their bloodstream.


Endocarditis if not treated properly can cause heart murmurs, blood clots, and even worse, heart failure.


  1. Dermatitis


Poor dental condition can also result in dermatitis around the folds of a dog’s mouth. The skin around their mouth is already moist due to the saliva, so it is common for your dog to get fold dermatitis.


How many teeth does my dog have?


Dogs just like their owners, us humans, grow two sets of teeth. However, they have 42 instead of our 32 teeth.


How can I take care of my Dog’s teeth?


Here are some basic tips on keeping your emotional support animal  teeth in good shape:


  • Brush their teeth regularly. Develop this habit in them when they are young; similar to how we teach our kids to brush.


  • Use toothpaste and mouthwash specifically formulated for dogs. Add the mouthwash to their drinking water.


  • Get them toys they can chew on; this will keep their gums healthy.


Don’t forget to schedule regular dentist appointments for your four-legged friend.

What toys does your dog love to chew on?






Amazing Tips to Craft an Outstanding Academic Essay



Writing an essay often seems to be a dreaded task among the students of any class. Being a student, you are required to write all types of essays, and also they carry a large proportion of your final grade. For some student's essay writing is a very fun task, but for other lazy lads like me, it can be quite boring and difficult. If you are one such guy, then do not worry, in this blog I will tell you easy tips to write your essay. These tips are helpful for me and I hope they will be helpful for you guys too. 

So what are you waiting for, Let’s begin!


  • Topic Selection 


The first step towards writing an award-winning essay is the topic selection. Sometimes it’s your professor who will assign you the topic, but there are times when you have to choose the topic yourself. If you're given the topic, then first decide what type of essay you want to write. Should the essay be an argumentative or persuasive? 

But if you have to choose the topic, then decide a topic that is close to your heart and also interesting. Don't go for a topic that is complicated, in this way you will not be able to generate an effective essay.


  • Outline Your Essay


Once you are done with the topic selection, then the next important step is to draw an outline. Now, this particular step is significant. Here is why!

You must have many ideas in your mind, Right? So in this step what you do is, you write down all the ideas that are already in your mind. Just take a pen and paper and write everything that is there.

This way, you will be able to see and develop connections among your ideas. It will serve as the basis for the essay.  In this case, you can either write down your ideas, or you can draw a figure to arrange all your ideas. 



  • Develop a Thesis Statement


Ok, so now you are done with topic selection and also you have written your ideas. The next most important step is writing a strong thesis statement. The purpose of the thesis statement is; it gives a general idea to the readers that what your topic is all about. 

To do this, go through your outline and look for main ideas. The first part of the thesis statement is your topic while the second part should state the points of the essay.


  • Introduction


Now that you have written the thesis statement, the next step is to write an introduction. Your introduction should be strong and interesting enough to grab the attention of your readers. 

Begin this part by something interesting that can grab the readers focus. Start with dialogue or a short story. Whatever it is, try to develop a connection between the introduction and thesis statement. 


  • Main Body


The main body of your essay should contain two to three paragraphs. The paragraphs should be strong enough to prove your point. Don't forget to include facts, statistics or even personal experience to support your points. Also, keep in mind that the paragraphs should be inter-linked.




  • Conclusion

In case you find difficult to write an essay on your own you must consult a free essay writer available online. These free essay writers who are mostly graduates from major US universities, will help you as your personal essay writers and you should not worry about having money or a credit card as they will write your first essay for free. This will help you to learn tips and tricks of writing by going through their written essay in detail.


The conclusion is the Happily Ever After Part. It should be a closure of the topic and also it should summarize all your main points. It should be three to four sentences long. Don't forget to end essay by asking a question, this way your readers will be more curious about your topic.