Understanding your dog's dental health

Dog’s require a trip to the dentist just like us humans. They need proper oral health care and routine checkups. There are several dental procedures and oral surgeries performed to fix their canine teeth.




Here’s why it’s important to keep your dog’s teeth and gums in good condition:


Oral health is directly related to their lifespan


You probably already know the significance of a healthy diet and regular exercise for your pet or emotional support animal. But paying attention to your dog’s dental hygiene is essential too.


If you want your dog to live a long and complete life, which you obviously do – take good care of their teeth.


Due to poor dental health, bacteria gets formed in your pet/ESA's mouth which can then spread throughout their body causing damage to other essential organs including their heart.


This can affect your pets lifespan, shortening the time they get to spend with you.


A dog with a poor dental health is at a risk of getting several medical conditions and getting severely unwell.

Regularly visit a clinic to have monthly checkups of your ESA and make sure that you take esa letter along with you for medical documentation procedues.


Your dog can get the following diseases due to poor oral health care:


  1. Gum Disease


A build-up of plaque or tartar around the canine teeth can cause gum diseases.


Gum diseases are immensely painful and can cause your dog to face difficulty while eating; it can also result in tooth loss and other serious issues.


To look out for such gum and periodontal diseases make sure that there are no signs of bleeding, swelling and redness around the gums.


  1. Heart Disease

Gum diseases can cause serious issues to your heart, and same is the case for your dog.

Bacteria formed in the mouth enters into their bloodstream; this bacteria is carried throughout the body and can damage their heart valves causing fatal heart diseases.


  1. Endocarditis


Endocarditis is an infection that causes inflammation of the soft tissue, valves and lining around the heart. This too spreads from the bacteria in a dog’s mouth to their bloodstream.


Endocarditis if not treated properly can cause heart murmurs, blood clots, and even worse, heart failure.


  1. Dermatitis


Poor dental condition can also result in dermatitis around the folds of a dog’s mouth. The skin around their mouth is already moist due to the saliva, so it is common for your dog to get fold dermatitis.


How many teeth does my dog have?


Dogs just like their owners, us humans, grow two sets of teeth. However, they have 42 instead of our 32 teeth.


How can I take care of my Dog’s teeth?


Here are some basic tips on keeping your emotional support animal  teeth in good shape:


  • Brush their teeth regularly. Develop this habit in them when they are young; similar to how we teach our kids to brush.


  • Use toothpaste and mouthwash specifically formulated for dogs. Add the mouthwash to their drinking water.


  • Get them toys they can chew on; this will keep their gums healthy.


Don’t forget to schedule regular dentist appointments for your four-legged friend.

What toys does your dog love to chew on?