Tips For Writing A College Admission Essay



A college admission essay is not like an ordinary 500-word essay. It is about you. You have to write down about your qualities in a way that leaves a positive impression of the reader.

Your college admission essay should showcase your personality other than your academic grades. The professor reviewing your admission essay will not be interested in reading about your grades in it. He has your transcript for the same reason.


It does not have to be. Here are a few tips you can follow while writing your college admission essay.

  • Your topic should be you!


You don’t have to share your academic career in your college essay or how active you were in the extracurricular activities while you were in high school.


  • Keep it personal and narrow.


Don’t try to share too much in a few words. If you try to cover too many stories and topics in your essay, your reader will get confused.

It is better to keep your topic narrow and focus on just one event. In this way, you will be able to explain yourself in a better way and the person reviewing your application will be able to understand your personality.


  • Be casual in writing.


Your writing should not be very formal while writing your admission essay. Keep it simple and casual. It is better to write in a casual way when you are describing yourself. That sounds more original and real to the readers.


It is recommended to take feedback from your friends and family before you submit your application. They can suggest new ideas or even tell you if your essay needs any changes.